Wholesale Christian T-Shirts | Buy Christian Apparel in Bulk
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Wholesale Christian T-Shirts

Buy Wholesale Christian T-Shirts

If you would like to carry our products in your store or otherwise order in large volume, we offer our full line of wholesale Christian t-shirts. You get a 50% Wholesale discount, which comes to only $11.75 per shirt (+ shipping). Check out our full line of men’s Christian t-shirts and women’s Christian t-shirts alongside some of our fan’s testimonials for Live the Word.

Contact Live the Word to Buy Christian Apparel in Bulk

We are very particular about printing on t-shirts that are super high quality and feel great. We take pride in getting feedback from our true source of inspiration besides the Lord and that is our fans! If you are interested in buying wholesale Christian t-shirts from Live the Word, simply contact Live the Word via our Contact page at the link below: